Q.What are some common problems with amplifiers you get to see on a daily basis?
A.No power to unit, low output levels, diminished tone quality, distortion, rattling in valves, scratchy pots and switches, speaker fatigue.

Q.What are some of the most common service tasks?
A.Replace the tubes in a valve amplifiers. If the amplifier has power amp tubes like 6L6’s or EL34’s they also need to be biased (adjust amp to match valve characteristics). Other service duties include cleaning pots, resolder dry joints or wiring and the replacement of faulty or blown fuses.

 Jamie scope 26L6 power amp valve

Q.Can you give an estimation of general service costs?
A. All jobs are different depending on parts and labour time. Generally a standard service is around an hour. Labour costs $88 an hour plus parts, Pre-amp or power tubes have an average cost of around $50 Custom leads can be made for $40 including the cost of the plugs and the cable is extra (per metre). 

Q.What are some other examples of the electronic service and repairs you provide?
A. Electronic keyboard repairs, P.A., Speakers, Cables, Custom pedal boards,etc. We also provide installation support to institutions and venues. We are the authorised repair agent for many leading brands.