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Free Insured Delivery on most orders over $199 * Some conditions apply

Your Guitar, the way you like.

For a limited time, we are offering a FREE Setup & tune of your guitar when bought online.

What it includes:
What is not included: What we can do
- Tune to your choice of tuning
- Setup to your action height preference
- Make sure everything is playing perfectly
- New Strings
- Floyd Rose Setups 
- Restring your guitar with the strings of your preference*
- Retune & adjust action for lower tunings
- Adjust truss rod to improve action 

How to take up this offer?
After ordering your guitar, simply call us on 1300 687 672 and tell us how you like your set up

Service & setup if requested will add on 1 - 7 days turn around time due to popularity.
*Guitars are already strung with standard strings, we can change them to your preferred brand or guage for the cost of the strings.
**Some tunings will require a new set of strings, such as very low tunings will require thicker strings to avoid major buzzing. These are not included.
This is a free service by Musos Corner and does not carry a warranty or guarantee on it. Your instrument will be set up to the best of our technicians abilities.
This service does not effect your new instrument warranty.
In some instances this service is not possible, when shipping out of one of our warehouses / distribution centres. This is for products coming out of our store only. 
During transport some tunings may move and will need a touch up tune when it arrives at your door.