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About Musos Corner

Here at Musos Corner, the things that matter to Musos, matter to us. First, we stacked our store with a massive range of brands to suit every budget, then we filled our store with working Musos who are experts; guys and girls who are passionate about putting the right gear in your hands. No commissions, no kick backs, no hierarchy, no pushy sales, no BS.
We are proud of our independent corner store, we love our gear, and we love getting you the right gear for your needs!
We like to think that's why we're the people's music store. 

Since 1967

In 1967 as the Beatles were releasing Sgt Peppers, Muso’s Corner opened it’s doors to the musicians of Newcastle. Rock N’ Roll ruled the airwaves and Musos was the place to go for the best service and advice on all you rock n roll equipment.
In 1980 Musos moved to 707 Hunter Street. Musos Corner became a place where local musos could meet and buy their guitars, bass or drums kits at the right price.
In 1994 Musos moved once more to No. 1 National Park Street. Musos Corner had become the Hunter Valley’s Number 1 music store and now we had the street address to prove it.
In 2004 Musos Corner embraces the tag “The Peoples Music Store” and starts the revolution to defend rock against the evil tyranny of miming guitar free pop.
In July 2005 whilst in the process of renovating, Musos Corner suffered a major fire which forced us back to Hunter Street for 9 months.
In March 2006 Musos Corner reopened at No. 1 National Park Street in it’s new store, and now has over 500sq metres of floor space dedicated to all things ROCK n ROLL. 

Meet the Staff

Our staff are a team of musicians and music industry professionals with many years’ experience on stage, on tour or in the studio. We pride ourselves on providing the right product our customers for the right application at the best possible price. We are confident in the variety and quality our extensive product range and believe we can the find the right solution for you.


Newcastle Store


Product Demonstrator / Customer Liaison 

Sean is one of most experienced members of our sales team. Electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals are his thing, he has an encyclopaedic ability to recall all sorts of product knowledge and likes nothing better to talk things guitar all day. Sean owns Fender and Gretsch electrics, Martin and Maton acoustics, Marshall and Supro amps and an arsenal of various pedals which he lets off the chain with supergroup the Dashville Progress Society and the Alt rock country band, The Firemen. Wilco, You Am I and Drive by Truckers are favourites and when not at work Sean can be found at the Grand Junction Hotel enjoying listening to independent artists and assisting with the live sound. Sean has a great rapport with his customers, many of these he counts as great mates.


Product Demonstrator / Customer Liaison

Hayden is Musos resident stunt guitarist and although he is broadening his repertoire by currently studying music at the University of Newcastle, he can still stalk the fretboard with blinding speed if required. Hayden regularly gigs around the Hunter Valley as a soloist and chooses Fender electrics and Maton acoustics as his weapons of choice. Currently he lists U2, Midnight Oil and Dire Straits as influences. When Hayden is not playing, or hooking up customers with the right guitar, amplifier or home recording rig, he loves spending time at home with his young family.


Product Logistics / Customer Liaison

Steve is a Musos Corner institution, known for his integrity, straight shooting and astonishing ability to pull a sound of just about anything. A classically trained musician, Steve is continually teaching and performing around the Hunter Valley with a range of artists including Bruce Mathiske and his own multi projects. Steve will be all too happy to demonstrate and give advice on any high end classical or steel guitar enquiries, although these days he is listening to redneck jazz and playing Fenders through Supro amplifiers. When not booking in stock or exhibiting guitars you will find Steve either onstage, in the teaching room or in the garden.


Product Demonstrator / Customer Liaison 

Amber brings plenty of youthful exuberance to her role at Musos Corner. Amber’s first love is bass guitar and this young lady has clocked up plenty of onstage experience rocking a much-loved Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass. Amber can give you guidance with Fender basses and guitars, Sandberg basses Ampeg, Mark Bass, Yamaha and more!

She wears her love of bass guitar on her sleeve, namely a Rickenbacker tattoo and sites Lemmy and Geddy Lee as well as classic rock and prog as her influences. Outside work Amber spends her time gaming, cooking and drawing and gets a strong satisfaction from being a young female role model in the music retail industry.


Product Demonstrator / Customer Liaison

Braden is a talented multi- instrumentalist and experienced teacher who will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect guitar, folk instrument or lesson materials. Braden has performed in various bands, theatre productions and vocal harmony groups and is about to embark on a new musical project in venues around the Hunter Valley. Marshall and Roland amplifiers and Fender and Yamaha guitars are Braden’s go to when live or in the studio. Fishing, cooking and camping in the great outdoors is where you will find Braden when not teaching, listening to Hendrix or looking after customers.


Print Music Specialist / Customer Liaison 

Tracey looks after customers at both Musos Corner and our sister store, Foleys pianos. If you want advice or availability on exam music, tutorial material, artist albums, single sheet downloads or scores, Tracey will direct you to what’s in stock or order it in and contact you when it arrives. Tracey performs as a vocalist in the trio Missfire, plays trumpet, piano and clarinet and has more than healthy obsession for Rick Price, Urge Overkill and John Mayer.

Outside work Tracey loves socialising, jamming with the band and board games. Service with a smile and making sure customers get exactly what they need are the all-important factors for Tracey.






 Online Staff


Online Sales Manager, Imports & Marketing

Greg is the person to call for all online management solutions, operations, and product distribution. High tech, recording, lighting and core style guitars such as ESP or PRS are all a part of Greg’s many areas of experience and knowledge. Greg’s main weapon of choice is an ESP Custom shop 7 string; he has passion for industrial metal and trance music styles and has toured nationally and internationally with varios metal and industrial bands. Composer Hans Zimmer, Cradle of Filth and Limp Bizkit are all major influences and when Greg is not onsite he is either shooting, editing or grading professional videos. Greg gets great satisfaction from ultilising technology to find out of the square solutions to any problem.

Josh B
Online Sales and Customer Liaison 

Josh is your go to guy for online sales, orders and dispatch enquiries. He can talk to you all day about anything you need especially guitars, basses, amps, hi tech, however, he really gets excited discussing all the options for strings and picks. Josh owns Fender, ESP and Gibson instruments and is currently playing them one note at a time with cabaret core outfit, “The Pits”. He cites Blink 182, Knuckle Puck and The Simpsons soundtrack (1989/99) as musical influences. When not ensuring all online sales are sailing smoothly Josh likes nothing better than sleeping in, eating pizza, defending pop punk and playing baseball. If you have a sound in your head but are unsure how to get it, Josh can work out what you need and get it to your doorstep, pronto.



Customer Liaison

Ellyse is the youngest member of our sales floor team yet this emerging musician has already a wealth of performance and teaching experience on both acoustic and electric guitar. When not looking after our customers in store, Ellyse keeps busy churning out brutal metal with the five piece, “As Above So Below”, performing in the duo, “Threes a Crowd” and teaching numerous guitar students. Maton acoustic and electric guitars are favourites on stage and Karnivool and Slipknot are mandatory listening. Ellyse’s fondest retail experience so far was helping a father and son choose an instrument each so they could learn the guitar together.








 Behind the Scenes




Maria is your contact for all accounts enquiries at Musos Corner. Feel free to call or email and Maria will be happy to tend to your request. When not running a tight account ship, Maria volunteers her time to under privileged groups and communities as well as getting creative with embroidery and sewing.

Digital Marketing / Product Demonstration

Ian is the contact for any media or public relations enquiries. If you have an act, event or product that we may be able to help promote Ian will be happy to talk to you with a range of possibilities. Ian performs and tours as much as he can in anything jump jive, funk or ska related and has an unhealthy relationship with Fender instruments and amplifiers. As a publicist Ian has worked with a variety of artists including JBT, Toni Collette and Karnivool, as a media liaison with the Homebake and Groovin the Moo festivals and a camera operator for Channel 10 and the Newcastle Herald. If not in stock Ian keeps busy doing all of the above or trying to change his aura.




 Service Staff

 Jamie aka "Tech"
Electronic Repairs and Service

If you broke it or it broke itself, Jamie is qualified technician capable of putting it all back together. Musos “Mr Fix It” will have your valve and solid state amplifiers, keyboards, mixers, speakers, F.X. units and power supplies back and good as new as soon as possible. Jamie also is very experienced in constructing custom cables to suit live or studio applications and likes nothing better than building monster pedal boards. He cites Zeppelin, Tool and Mastodon as favourites and rocks a Clapton/ Donahue hybrid Strat, a Les Paul Studio and a Gretsch Power Jet through his own home made gigantic pedal bus. When not on the soldering iron or reviving equipment, Jamie is surfing, mountain biking or renovating the hacienda, he loves a quick fix and making sure it stays fixed.


Guitar Repairs and Service

If any of your guitars or stringed folk instruments need a little love and care then Angelo is the man to see. Book your loved one in for anything from a restring to a general service to a complete overhaul and Angelo will give this magic touch with as little turnaround time as possible. Angelo as quite an extensive guitar collection but one thing is for certain, a Hank Marvin tune will be played on all of them quite regularly. When not breathing new life into old instruments or completing one of our famous free warranty set ups Angelo is listening to surf rock and spending time with his family.


Technical Support / Customer Liaison

Scottie heads up our tech care department and specialises in high-tech solutions and training. If you need some extra support, advice or instruction on your latest piece of equipment, book in some tech care time with Scottie and he can show you the step by step.

Scottie is a very experienced musician, songwriter and producer and has toured nationally and overseas with a variety of artists including Macy Grey, The Porkers and Neville Staple (The Specials). Currently Scottie is keeping up his drums chops with Jump Jive / Funk / Ska juggernauts Fish Fry, Pow Wow and the Porkers as well as listening to a range of artists in all sorts of styles. When not helping others with their sonic dilemmas, Scotty is renovating the house and spending time with the family.










Sandra has been in the music retail industry for……. let’s just say quite a while. A strict dedication to her customers, extensive product knowledge and attention to detail has seen Sandra expand Musos Corner into the largest independent music retail outlet in Australia.

Sandra specialises in attaining the best deals from suppliers to pass onto our customers and running a very tight service focused environment. AKA “the chief” Sandra makes it very well known to all staff members that our customers are our priority and leads by example whenever possible. When not at the store Sandra loves spending time with her adorable grandchildren and travelling. 


Andy has grown up in music retail and has a wealth of brand knowledge and practical experience in what simply works. Straight answers, great deals and a definite opinion are Andy’s stock in trade particularly in the fields of electric bass and recording equipment. Andy has a passion for old school studio techniques, equipment and instruments especially Fender P Basses of which he has collected a few. When not finding a solution to your next piece of gear Andy spends his time breaking things, fixing things and eating vegemite. Clarence Carter, Ralphe Armstrong and Ernie K Doe are banging his decks right now and at the end of the day Andy aims for happy shiny customers.




Visit Us

We are located at 1 National Park St Newcastle West NSW 2302, with convenient parking around the back, and right next to spotlight and marketown for lots of public transport (free busses inside Newcastle)
We are open 7 days a week
You can contact us on 02 4929 2829.