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Amps & FX

Do your music justice — pick up a brand new amp in Newcastle from Musos Corner

No matter how you play or the sound you’re going for, an amplifier is absolutely essential for making your music heard. Musos who rock an electric instrument use amps to add depth and volume to their music… so make sure to pick up an amp in Newcastle from Musos Corner to make some killer noise! 

We stock some of the best amps and FX available on the market. Sourced from world-famous brands like Boss, Marshall, Electro Harmonix and more, we have all the gear you need to add some unique character, expression and volume to your music. 

Browse through our collection and check-out online for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia. Alternatively, come and visit us in-store — we have the biggest range of amps in Newcastle. We can almost guarantee we’ve got the model you want in stock. 

How to choose a new amp

If this is your first time buying an amp (or want to “amp” things up a bit), you might be wondering which one you should choose — after all, we’ve got more than 1,000 amps and FX in stock! Here at Musos, we know our stuff when it comes to amps, so we’ve put together a few tips to help with the selection process. 

  • Consider the kind of music you play — or that you want to play. An amp can make a huge impact on how your instrument sounds. Every amp has its own personality e.g. smooth and clean (preferred for jazz, pop and indie rock) or textured and distorted (preferred for classic rock, punk and metal). Consider what kind of music you want to play, and if you haven’t found your signature sound yet, opt for something with a versatile sound profile.
  • Figure out your volume requirements. How loud do you want to play? Are you playing at home, or want to blow the crowd’s mind at a live gig? Audio volume is measured in watts so if you want something smaller, look for amps at 10-30 watts. For bands, we recommend a medium-sized amp (50 watts) or a large amp (100 watts).
  • Consider if you’ll be travelling with your amp. Travelling with a heavy amp can be a major challenge — likewise if you’re planning on busking. In this case, we recommend opting for a smaller, lighter amp at around 10-30 watts.
  • Look into different materials in the amp’s construction. Your amp’s casing (otherwise known as a cabinet) can affect how the sound resonates with the speaker. For the most part, cabinets are made of wood so when you’re browsing through our products, take note of the type of wood and the thickness of the cabinet to determine how your instrument will sound.
  • Think about the special effects you want. Most amps come with digital effects like reverb, tremolo and effect loops, whereas others come with EQ control and channel switching so you can swap between distorted and clean sounds with a foot pedal

If you need a hand choosing a new amp, feel free to get in touch with our team of diehard Musos! We’re the experts when it comes to amps and FX — based on the music you want to make and where you want to perform, we can find an amp that matches your signature style exactly. 

Shop amps and FX online or in-store at Musos Corner!

Here at Musos, we have amps for a huge range of electric instruments: electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, buskers — you name it, we can almost guarantee we’ve got it in stock. If not, we’ll go ahead and contact our supplier to make sure you get the amp you’ve been looking for.

Check out online with Musos Corner now! We offer fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia as well as free shipping over $199. Alternatively, opt for our free click and collect service and pick up your new amp in Newcastle! Our team will have your amp ready for you on arrival, so you can start rockin’ ASAP.

Shop online or in-store — we offer flexible, convenient payment options like Zippay. It’s never been easier to make some noise.

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