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Spare Parts

Return your ax to its former glory with our range of replacement guitar parts

Breaking or damaging a guitar can be absolutely devastating. For one, they can be expensive to repair — especially if it’s an antique guitar, a specialty guitar or a rare guitar. Second, guitarists can form a bond with their guitars. Saying goodbye after years of rockin’ together is heartbreaking! 

We know the feeling which is why we stock an incredible range of replacement guitar parts to restore your ax to its former glory. From bridges and guitar bodies to machine heads, knobs, potentiometers and so much more, we’re confident you’ll find the guitar parts you need to repair your instrument. 

Plus, our in-house repair shop is open to rescue your guitar from the dump!

Find the spare parts you need online with Musos Corner. We’ve got one of the biggest collections of guitar parts in Australia — check out online for fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia. 

Our range of guitar parts

At Musos Corner, we want to see even the most damaged guitars get restored, so we stock all the spare parts you need to give your busted guitar a refresh. We stock: 

  • Bridges
  • Guitar necks
  • Nuts, bolts and washers
  • Guitar and bass bodies
  • Machine heads and knobs 
  • Potentiometers and switches
  • Scratch plates and pickguards.

With all the guitar parts and accessories available in one place, repairing your guitar will be easy. If you’re not confident about repairing a guitar yourself, get in touch with our team at [email protected] or (02) 4929 2829. We’ll book your guitar/instrument in for repairs ASAP. Your guitar is in good hands.

FAQs about acoustic and electric guitar parts

  • Can broken guitars be repaired?
    Even if you break your guitar’s neck, the important thing is not to panic. Almost everything is repairable. If the headstock is still attached or just cracked, slacken the strings and carefully put everything into your guitar case to be repaired. If the headstock has completely broken off, carefully wrap it up and try not to disturb the splinters of wood poking out.

    Don’t try to fit the headstock back onto the neck — the joint needs to be examined and cleared of misaligned splinters or loose timber.

    If you find any splinters that have come loose, put them in the bag with the rest of the headstock. Every splinter is part of the puzzle to fix your guitar.
  • Are guitar repairs expensive?
    No! In fact, our pricing starts at $25 for a basic bridge restring. We will also have to add on the acoustic or electric guitar parts e.g. strings. Of course, our repair prices are a guide only — the cost of repairs depends on the extent of the damage to your guitar.
  • Who will repair my guitar?
    We have a team of tech-heads working in our workshop in Newcastle West, NSW, run by Jamie — “the tech” who has been in the electronics game for more than 20 years. Jamie has experience repairing amps, mixers, effects, keyboards, digital instruments — everything. Whatever you need to be repaired, you can rely on Jamie to get it done.
  • Can I glue my guitar back together?
    It might be tempting to slap on some glue and leave your guitar to dry if you’ve broken the poor thing’s neck, but it’s very unlikely to hold for very long. If you’ve had a major breakage and you’re not confident with repairs, we recommend booking in with Jamie and the tech team in our workshop. They’ll take care of the damage for you.
  • What are the signs of a broken guitar?
    Sometimes, a breakage isn’t always immediately obvious but you’ll soon come to notice a few performance issues coming from your guitar. For example, the frets might get worn down, you might notice a raspy feeling when bending the strings or maybe even a buzzing sound. You might also have strings break on you more than usual or notice cracks in the guitar’s body/neck.

    If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s something wrong with your guitar, get in touch with our team to book a repair.
  • Where do your guitar parts come from? Are they genuine?
    We stock both Australian guitar parts and international brands like DiMarzio, Fender and Duesenberg. All of our products are 100% genuine and have come directly from the manufacturer — we’re committed to sourcing real, genuine products for our customers. No fake stuff here!
  • Do I qualify for free shipping?
    It depends on how much you’re planning to spend! We offer free shipping on orders over $199 — otherwise, use the freight calculator at the check out to find out how much shipping will cost to your location.
  • Can I pick up my electric and acoustic guitar parts in-store?
    Absolutely. We offer a totally free click and collect service — just give us a date and a time so we can make sure your order is ready on the day. Please note that orders that are left for more than one week will be returned to stock unless other arrangements have been made.
  • What happens if I’m not home when my gear arrives?
    Unfortunately, couriers won’t call you before your delivery, no matter the circumstances. If you’re not home, they will leave a calling card in your mailbox so you can go and pick up your order from the local post office (Australia Post only) or rearrange delivery.

    It’s possible for the courier to leave your order at the door but we don’t recommend it. All freight warranties and insurance will be void and if someone steals your items, Musos Corner and the freight company cannot be held accountable.
  • Can I track my order?
    Check your email — once we’ve received your order, we will send you a tracking number via email. Simply input the number into Fastway, Couriers Please, TNT or Australia Post’s track and trace engine. You will be able to trace your delivery in transit and organise for you or someone else to be home to receive your order. 

Buy guitar parts online with Musos Corner!

Found the parts you need to repair your ax? Shop guitar parts online now! We offer fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia or free shipping on orders over $199. Plus, we offer flexible payment options like Zippay, so you can comfortably pay off your order over the coming months. 

If you don’t feel confident repairing your guitar yourself, book in with Jamie and the tech team at Musos Corner via [email protected] or (02) 4929 2829.

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