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Stomp Boxes

Give some extra “oomph” to your performance with a stompbox from Musos Corner

If you’re a solo artist, you know how challenging it can be to add extra depth to your performance live. If you’re not mixing in the studio, it’s just you out there with your guitar and an amp. 

The good news is that there’s a super simple way to add some warmth, depth and punchiness to your music, and it’s called a stompbox. Rather than calling in a few favours from local musos, you can add a stompbox to your repertoire and add some much-needed percussion to your live performance, effectively securing your image as a solo artist. 

At Musos Corner, we’ve got stacks of stompboxes available including stompboxes with cymbals, stompboxes with in-built equalisers and electronics, and even stompboxes with in-built pickups for a superior tonal response. Browse through the collection and check out online for fast, affordable shipping throughout Australia (free shipping over $199). 

What is a stompbox?

For the uninitiated, a stompbox might seem like a mysterious little instrument. Essentially, a stompbox is a percussion instrument that you place under your foot and either rhythmically tap or stomp on. It sounds similar to a bass drum and can often be heard in American folk or blues music. All in all, stompboxes are designed for solo artists (e.g. singers/guitar players) to give themselves simple rhythmic accompaniment. 

Solo artists like Kasey Chambers, John Butler, Jack Johnson, Vera Blue and Tash Sultana use stompboxes on a regular basis!

How to set up a stompbox

The great thing about stompboxes is that for the most part, you can plug them into your amp and away you go. There are, however, a few ways you can improve the sound and effects you get out of your stompbox. Here are a few tips according to one of our suppliers, MacDaddy Australia.

  • Adjust the input gain. Make sure to adjust the gain so that the stompbox is not clipping the channel. This will help avoid any distortion when using your instrument — your mixer will show you the specific details and give you some extra headroom on your faders.
  • Adjust the EQ. EQ settings are very subjective and over time, you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Spend some time experimenting with the pedal and your mixer will help you find the right sound for you.
  • Use an acoustic isolator pad. Slip an acoustic isolator pad underneath your stompbox to reduce the acoustic differences between the stompbox, the floor and the stage. This will reduce the number of changes you need to make to your EQ settings when playing on concrete, tiled or carpeted surfaces.
  • Using a guitar amp vs stompbox. Ideally, you should have separate channels for your guitar and your stompbox on your amp. If you try to share one channel for both, you will end up with an EQ dilemma — you will have to choose whether the guitar or the stompbox will get the best sound.
  • Playing position. You shouldn’t have to hit a stompbox too hard to get some fat sound out of it — you’re bound to get leg cramps after a while, especially if you’re in the middle of a two/three-hour gig. Choose a stompbox based on your playing position — if you’re standing, opt for a raised strike plate. If you’re sitting down, opt for a flatter stompbox. 

Need a hand setting up your new stompbox? No problem. If you’re having trouble, you can always call Musos Corner for recommendations and advice. Just let us know what brand and model of stompbox you have, and we should be able to guide you through the process or send through some resources to assist. 

FAQs about stompboxes

  • Are stompboxes worth it?
    If you’re a solo artist and want to add some percussion to your performance, then yes, stompboxes are totally worth it! You can add fat beats and rhythm to your performance at the tap of a foot — no calling in favours from local musos for backup. You can maintain your image as a talented, solo artist with a simple stompbox.
  • Where do you source your stompboxes?
    We source our stompboxes from both national and international manufacturers — all 100% genuine. MacDaddy, for example, makes stompboxes in Australia and sends them to us directly from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We also offer stompboxes from high-performance brands like Wazinator, ART, Stuart Box and Peterman.
  • Do stompboxes plug into amps?
    For the most part, yes. Stompboxes can plug into your amp — just make sure that your stompbox, guitar, mic etc. have their own separate channels so your instruments don’t have to share between a single channel. This can have an impact on the overall sound of your instruments.
  • Do I qualify for free shipping?
    We offer free shipping on orders over $199. If the total of your order hasn’t reached this threshold, then you will have to pay for shipping. Just give us your details during the checkout process and we’ll provide an instant shipping quote.
  • Can I pick up my new stompbox in-store?
    Absolutely! We offer free click and collect at our store in Newcastle West, NSW. All we ask is that you let us know when you plan to come in and pick up your order so that our team can have your items ready for you on the day.
  • Do I have to be home to accept my delivery?
    Unfortunately, no courier will call before delivering your items. If you aren’t home to receive them, the courier will leave a calling card so you can pick up your items at the local post office or organise another delivery time.

    You can request for the courier to leave your items at the front door — but we don’t recommend it. Neither Musos Corner nor the courier can be held accountable for any damage or loss — by signing off for the courier to leave your items, you’re waiving your right to any warranties or insurances.
  • The stompbox I want isn’t in stock — will you be getting it back in?
    Unless the stompbox was on clearance, there’s a solid chance we’ll be getting it back in stock soon! You can sign up for restocks, preorder it online or get in touch via (02) 4929 2829. We might be able to order it directly from the supplier.

Shop stompboxes online with Musos Corner

Take your solo performance to the next level. Pick up a stompbox from Musos Corner today — we offer fast and affordable shipping throughout Australia as well as free shipping over $199. Plus, we have flexible payment options like Zippay so you can start rockin’ now and pay your stompbox off over time.

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