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We know studios.

Musos Corner are specialists in planning and outfitting any creative workplace no matter the size or application. We have a fantastic track record of turning ideas into reality, creating a perfect studio space for you, whether it be in a spare bedroom or dedicated studio space. We also service and supply education institutions, houses of worship and commercial enterprises with the options and equipment for a range of audio solutions no matter the size and scope of the operation. Our experienced team of professionals are happy to provide the perfect recording and live music environment for our clients and take great satisfaction in meeting the brief to match your expectations, requirements and budget.

We can deliver, regardless of the size of the project.

Some of our clients:

Hazy Cosmic Jive Studio - Gareth Hudson

Major Studio Upgrade

  • SSL Matrix2 studio console
  • Acoustic treatment plan and products
  • Tie Line infrastructure and patchbay
  • Hardware outboard, AD/DA converters and monitoring
  • Microphones, design and equipment fitout


NSW TAFE - Hunter Institute Tighes Hill Campus Music Industry Department

Major facility redevelopment

  • Decommissioning of old equipment and plant
  • Consultation for design and implementation of facility, plant and technology works
  • SSL Duality Delta 48 channel analogue mixing console installation and training
  • Avid Pro Tools HDX, HD I/O, RedNet HD32R 48x analogue I/O 32x Dante I/O
  • Patchbay, tie lines, headphone monitoring, cabling and Dante network infrastructure
  • Hardware outboard equipment and implementation
  • Studio furniture, vision switching, power distribution
  • Acoustic treatment plan and products
  • Grand piano and recording quality drumkit
  • PA system deployment, implementation, configuration and training
  • Yamaha QL5 64 channel live mixing console, RIO3224-D, Lab Gruppen Amplifiers, Dolby Lake LM26 system DSP, JBL Vertec Array Speakers

Dolby ATMOS 360 degree surround three way satellite dub stage production suite

  • Design, implementation and training
  • Three way Avid HD Satellite workflow reflecting major film 'dub' workflows in Dolby ATMOS surround
  • Avid S6 M40 24 fader, 5 knob production surface with producer station, surround panning module and metering screens in custom Sterling Modular production furniture
  • 7.1.2 Dolby ATMOS surround speaker monitoring supported by Avid MTRX interface
  • Focusrite RedNet devices over the facility Dante network for a shared pool of I/O, digital stem transfer between satellite systems and monitoring
  • Video communication between spaces
  • Designed to deliver Avid 400 level master level training as a part of the Avid ALP training program

University of Newcastle City Campus

Studio consultation and installation

  • Fit out and technology consultation, sales and support
  • SSL Matrix 2 studio console
  • Neumann surround monitoring, Avid HD, Focusrite RedNet and Dante implementation
  • Microphones, tie lines, instruments and supporting infrastructure
  • Acoustic treatment plan and implementation
  • Hardware outboard preamps, EQ and dynamics

We love studios!

When we're not talking studios, were also recording in them and visiting them. We really do love studios.

Setting up a studio, no matter how big or small, starts with a conversation.

Call us on 1300 687 672 or email [email protected] for more information.

Before & After Examples

Hunter TAFE - Newcastle Campus




Theres often a big misconception about sound proofing vs sound treating. 

Soundproofing a room and treating a room are two different approaches to addressing acoustic issues, but they serve distinct purposes and involve different techniques.

  1. Soundproofing a room: Soundproofing aims to minimize the transmission of sound between spaces, preventing sound from entering or escaping a room. The primary goal of soundproofing is to create a barrier that blocks external noise or contains internal noise within a room. It is particularly useful in scenarios where you want to isolate a room from outside noise or prevent sound leakage to adjacent areas. Soundproofing techniques typically focus on reducing airborne sound transmission through walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows. Common soundproofing methods include:
  • Adding mass: Increasing the density of walls or installing soundproof barriers, such as mass-loaded vinyl, to block sound.
  • Sealing air gaps: Ensuring that there are no leaks or gaps in doors, windows, or other openings that allow sound to pass through.
  • Decoupling: Breaking the structural connection between surfaces to prevent sound vibrations from transferring. such as building a room inside a room
  • Sound absorption: Incorporating sound-absorbing materials to minimize sound reflection within the room.
  1. Treating a room: Treating a room involves improving its acoustic characteristics by managing sound reflections and reducing unwanted echoes, reverberations, and resonances within the space. The goal of room treatment is to enhance sound quality and clarity, particularly in applications like recording studios, home theaters, or concert halls. Treating a room focuses on controlling the sound reflections and creating a balanced acoustic environment. Common room treatment techniques include:
  • Sound absorption: Using materials like acoustic panels, foam, or bass traps to absorb excessive sound energy and reduce echoes.
  • Diffusion: Installing diffusers to scatter sound waves and break up strong reflections, creating a more even sound distribution.
  • Bass management: Addressing low-frequency issues by using bass traps, which are specialized absorbers designed to target and absorb bass frequencies.
  • Reflection control: Placing objects strategically or altering room geometry to redirect or minimize reflections that can cause standing waves or flutter echoes.

Soundproofing is something you, your builder, engineer and acoustic consultant should discuss and is not a service Musos Corner offer.

We have a wide range of sound treatment options available, from leading brands such as Auralex and Primeacoustic