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Power Supplies

Get your guitar pedal power supply in Australia with Musos Corner!

Hooking up some new guitar pedals to give your performance an extra shot of juice? Get the best performance out of your new pedals with a secure, reliable power source from Musos Corner. We’re experts when it comes to guitar pedal power supply in Australia — from daisy chains to adaptors, power rails, cords, cables and so much more we can almost guarantee we’ve got the right supply for you. 

Upgrade your guitar pedal power supply in Australia. Shop power supplies online now with Musos Corner. 

We have the power!

You can’t do much with an amp or an electric instrument without power, so put the power back in your instrument — we stock power supplies like: 

  • Overload protected power rails 
  • Keyboard power supply cables & adaptors
  • Daisy chains for effects pedals 
  • Isolated pedal power supplies 
  • Rechargeable, portable power supplies
  • Power supply bricks with multiple ports
  • Power expansion kits 
  • Power adaptors 
  • Power stations

Can’t find the power supply you need, or is it out of stock online? Get in touch via (02) 4929 2829 and we’ll try to source it directly from the supplier. We’ve got close connections with leading brands like Roland and Sennheiser, so we may be able to order it, especially for you. We’ll make sure you’re roaring and ready to rock again in no time. 

What power supply do I need for my pedals?

Powering a single pedal

If you want to power a single 9v guitar pedal, you can buy a generic 9v power supply and plug it in — it’s as simple as that! Alternatively, you can buy the recommended power supply for the pedal from the company that made it — the choice is yours. 

If you eventually build up a collection of pedals and want to power them all at once, you can do so with a daisy chain connector cable. Daisy chains expand the single output of your 9v power supply to multiple pedals. 

Powering multiple pedals

If you’re using multiple pedals or using a pedalboard, you’ll want to give those pedals the right amount of power at all times (especially if you’re performing live). The easiest way to power multiple pedals is with a power brick mounted to the pedalboard. 

Most power bricks are versatile and have the option to alternate current or voltage output. Others are fixed to specific voltages, so you will need to match the power supply to the pedals you have. 

Take a spell and sit down to write down the power requirements for each pedal, then make sure that the power supply you choose will meet those requirements. A quick tip: most pedals require 9v DC power and have a very low current requirement, so be careful with powerful digital pedals.

Daisy chains: the quick fix

If you’re just jammin’ out at home and want to use multiple pedals, a daisy chain will allow you to power them in an instant. A word of warning: a single 9v power source can only supply the maximum amount of current. Even if you expand the outputs by using a daisy chain, you won’t be increasing the current output — and if your pedals don’t have enough juice, the power supply can cause noise issues. 

With this in mind, we recommend using a daisy chain temporarily and investing in a power brick instead. 

Power supply vs batteries

Some pedals are battery-operated, so you might be wondering why you need a power source for your pedals in the first place. Not all pedals are battery-operated and those that do have got a limited lifespan anyway — your pedals will only work as long as the battery does! 

If you’re gigging, you don’t want to get caught out in the middle of a show without your pedals. Most of the time, the backplate of the pedal needs to be removed with a screwdriver — the process is tedious, awkward and time-consuming, so we recommend investing in a power source pronto. 

FAQs about power supplies

  • What is an isolated power supply?
    An isolated power supply keeps each guitar pedal on a separate circuit. This prevents the pedals from interfering with each other because this can cause signal noise.
  • How long does a 9v battery last in a guitar pedal?
    It depends on how often you play, the current that the pedal draws from the battery and the quality of the battery. With this in mind, a battery might last from a week to a year. As the battery drains, you’ll notice a change in your tone, the signal might break up or the effects might sound wrong. At that point, you know it’s time to change the batteries.
  • Can you use a 12v adaptor for a 9v guitar pedal?
    Powering a 9v guitar amp with a 12v battery is not recommended — if the pedal says it requires 9v and you use a 12v power supply, you run the risk of ruining the pedal. Some guitar pedals accept more than 9v but unless you’re sure the pedal can handle 12v, just get a 9v adaptor.
  • What is a regulated vs unregulated power supply?
    A regulated power supply is guaranteed to produce the voltage stated on the unit (e.g. a regulated 9v power supply will produce 9v no matter how many pedals you connect). An unregulated power supply does not provide a stable voltage — it gives you a fixed current and the voltage can vary. We only recommend an unregulated power supply if you’re using one guitar pedal.
  • How do I find the right power supply?
    We recommend planning out your pedalboard before purchasing your power supply. Ask yourself — do you plan to get more guitar pedals in the future? You want to make sure you’re covered now and in the future. Check if all your pedals use the same voltage and add up the current draw on every pedal (this is especially important for daisy-chaining). For example, if you have four pedals and each draw 100mA, you need to ensure your power supply provides at least 400mA to work. It’s also important not to buy the cheapest, nastiest options on the market. Cheap power supplies can cause signal noise and humming and can be a potential fire hazard. 

Grab a guitar pedal power supply in Australia at Musos!

Looking for a quality guitar pedal power supply in Australia? You’ve found it. Shop power supplies online for fast and affordable shipping (or free shipping over $199) and pay it off over time with Zippay!

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