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RockSchool Lessons at Musos Corner / 90 Degree Studio

Music Lessons

Guitar   Bass   Drums   Voice   Ukulele   Keys

We deliver Rockschool Music Lessons – the future of music tuition. Learn an instrument while playing all the latest songs from the worlds’ greatest acts while still learning traditional music theory…and having fun! And our Record-As-Practice technique guarantees to have you playing and learning with greater effect too.

Music Production Lessons

Ableton Live   Pro Tools   Cubase Pro   Logic X    Studio One

We deliver the world’s first internationally recognised graded Music Production Lessons from Rockschool.

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Tech Lessons


We can teach you how to better use your software, hardware or controller so you can get busy recording, mixing, producing and creating!

Ableton | Pro Tools | Cubase Pro | Logic X | Studio One | Garage Band | NI Machine | Push | Traktor | MIDI controllers | Audio Interfaces

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Software Lessons


90º Studio Academy can teach you all about Ableton. Be mentored by our resident Ableton guru Huw Jones aka ‘FoxControl’ and go deep inside the incredible musical potential of this amazing software.

Certified Cubase

90º Studio is the only certified Steinberg Training Centre in Australia. Our Cubase Full Certificate Course is the only one of its kind.


Learn how to be productive with Pro Tools for recording, mixing, mastering and composing. Whether you want to set up a studio, work on post-production audio or just be creative, we can teach you how to be more productive and work faster with this industry standard.


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