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Monkey Banana - Gibbon Air 2.0 Studio Monitors with Bluetooth - Pair (Red)

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The German Designed Monkey Banana Gibbon AIR 2.0 system is an active near field monitor system with Bluetooth technology – it consists of an active and a passive loudspeaker. The speaker is equipped with a 4” polypropylene woofer for the low-end frequency range and a ¾” silk tweeter. Integrated Bluetooth technology allows wireless connection to almost any mobile audio device. The compact studio monitor, with a perfect price-performance ratio, is suitable for flexible multimedia applications and studio situations.

Monkey Banana Active 4" Studio Speaker Monitors with Bluetooth Connectivity - Black
The 4" Gibbon Air active monitor series by Monkey Banana are the ideal solution for home studios and audio set ups where available space is at a premium. With Bluetooth connectivity, Gibbon Air 4" speakers dispense the need for multiple cable runs whilst ensuring reproduction of a tight low end, and clear highs and mids in a format that is both compact and convenient.

Bi-Amped and Nearfield Design
With an efficient bi-amped design and unique technology that sees the crossover set at an impressive 3kHz, the Gibbon series monitors can reproduce audio over a wide frequency range. Designed to work in a small space, they excel as a nearfield monitor and are perfect for those that produce their own electronic music, or mix tracks that rely on bottom end and vocal clarity.

Multiple Configurations Possible
Another cool thing about the Gibbon Series Monitors is how they can be used in different configurations. When short on space, the Gibbon 4" models operate well with their extended but tight bottom end. However, adding a sub will maximise efficiency whilst adding even more bottom end for those hip hop and dance mixes. For the real sound aficionado, then try them in a true 5.1 surround sound configuration, perfect for obtaining the cinematic effects for mixing soundtracks and media based audio.

Who are Monkey Banana?
Monkey Banana was formed in Germany in 2004 with a goal of creating audio products with exceptional design and engineering quality at a competitive price. After years of testing, design research and perfecting manufacturing techniques, their first studio monitors were released to the public in 2010. Monkey Banana's audio products have generated a lot of passionate interest and are used by professional producers, DJs, musicians and studios around the world. Despite the comical name, Monkey Banana are very much a brand to be taken seriously, the Gibbon Air Monitors sound increidble paired with the Gibbon 10 Sub for a very full sound loved by mixing engineers, DJ's and producers a like.


  • Active Nearfield 2-Way Monitors
  • Total of 60 watts of Bi-amped Power
  • Matched Pair of Speakers
  • 1 inch Silk Dome Tweeter / 4 inch LF Woofer
  • Rear Port
  • Adjustable HF and LF Attenuation Controls
  • Colour: Red
  • Overall Volume Control
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Set up in Stereo, or Part of 5.1 Surround Configurations
  • Monkey Banana logo LED Signal Indicator Light on Front Panel
  • Standby Mode activated after 12 Minutes of No Source Signal
  • 110V/220-230V Selector Switch


  • Woofer: 4 inch Magnetically Shielded Polypropylene Membrane
  • Tweeter: 3/4" Silk Dome Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz - 22kHz
  • Crossover Frequency: 3kHz
  • HF Level: -6dB - +6dB variable at 100hz.
  • LF Level: -6dB - +6dB variable at 100hz.
  • HF Amplifier power: 30W
  • LF Amplifier power: 30W
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 90db
  • Input Impedance: 20KΩ Balanced, 10KΩ Unbalanced
  • Input Sensitivity: +4dBu Balanced, -10dBu Unbalanced
  • Inputs: Bluetooth, 3.5mm TRS jack, RCA Connectors
  • Outputs: 3.5mm Headphone, Sub Out, , Terminal Connectors
  • IEC External Power cable
  • Physical Dimensions: 181L x 150W x 218H (mm)
  • Weight: 5.6kg

Gibbon Air Review:


Sneaking in at under 22 cm’s in height (two-thirds of a ruler) the Monkey Banana Gibbon Air Bluetooth speakers will fit perfectly onto your bookshelf or onto a small desk.

These plus your laptop, a cool DAW and some VSTs and you’re ready to create some magic.


The best part… they also include Bluetooth wireless technology which means you can actually ‘chillax’ on your bed, not worry about any wires but still get the massive, clear sound banging out your speakers.

This is particularly handy for DJs who are sorting out playlists on their laptops. It can be a grind having to sit (or stand) as a desk whilst going through endless numbers of tunes to prep for a set.

With the Monkey Banana Gibbon Air Bluetooth speakers you can kick back on your bed, or anywhere else for that matter and still get the awesome sound from your speakers.

These Monkey Banana Gibbon Air Bluetooth speakers provide clear sound and solid bass and for speakers with just a 4 inch LF driver they pack an impressive punch.

It must be said though that the Gibbon Air are not strictly 100% studio monitors; but as a first and very cheap studio monitors are probably the best choice for the money spent. Monkey Banana  make excellent studio monitors and this pedigree shows with the Gibbon Airs.

We were very impressed and for the price and feature set, the Monkey Banana Gibbon Air is without doubt one of the best entry level loudspeakers around.

The Gibbon Air has stereo RCA in, aux stereo 3.5mm jack in and a Bluetooth pairing option, allowing you to pair a Bluetooth device (such as your phone or laptop) directly.

One of the two monitors is active (i.e. it houses the amplifier) and provides the other monitor with power.

So if you’re looking for cheap studio monitors on a super lean budget, but will still deliver adequately flat sound – the Monkey Banana Gibbon Air is a really good option to start with – the price is nice / pair and they are exceptionally well built with a impressive sound dispersion.

Monkey Banana Gibbon AIR 2.0 Monitor Specs

Woofer: 4-inch magnetically shielded polypropylene cone
Tweeter:  3/4-inch silk dome tweeter
Frequency response: 60Hz - 22kHz
HF - Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB variable at 10Khz
LF - Level: -6dB ~ +6 dB variable at 100hz
Crossover frequency: 3kHz
Power per channel: 30W
S/N Ratio (A weighted) HF/LF: >90dB
Inputs: RCA unbalanced, 3,5 mm Stereo Jack, Bluetooth
Outputs:  3,5 mm Headphone, Subwoofer-Out Chinch unbalanced, Terminal connectors
Input Impedance: 20 kOhm balanced, 10 kOhm unbalanced
Input Sensitivity: +4 dBu (balanced), -10dBV (unbalanced)
Available colors: Red, Black, white
Net weight: 5,6kg / 12.35lb
Net Dimensions: 181mm x 150mm x 218,7mm / 
7.125in x 5.906in x 8.610in
Series No
warehouse_eta No
Colour Red
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer

Product Q&A

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Who Are Monkey Banana?

Monkey Banana are a small German studio monitor company with a range of visually distinctive active monitors and an equally memorable name. Instead of just focusing on traditional speaker designs, they have come up with some truely unique features uncomparable to anything else on the market. Monkey Banana are the first brand of monitors (that we know about) that has ever build active modelling studio monitors. As guitarists we all love our processors and moddellers such as the Kemper, Helix, AxeFX etc etc, but up until recently our studio friends have never had the same choices as we have. The Lemur5 is the first monitor to effectively 6 monitors in one. It models the classics such as Genelec, Yamaha, KRK, Avantone, Hifi Speakers and of course their own voicing. To be able to save the money, let a lone the space in your home studio to have 6 different reference monitors is a blessing to all engineers.
Some of their other designs have other innovative features such as Bluetooth for someone who just wants to mix and listen to music from their devices, and most importantly.... switched filters instead of pots. This means there is no callibration needed between speakers!

Musos & Monkey Banana?

We met with Markus from Monkey Banana in Germany many years ago and were absolutely blown away with their speakers upon listening to them. At that point they were not being brough into Australia. Come 2019 we are excited to finally have these speakers in store. Musos Corner attended the Monkey Banana product launch at Abby Road Institute Frankfurt for the last product release, the instant classic, Lemur5 modelling monitors.

What Sets them apart?

One of the mistakes often made by buyers on a strict budget is to choose a set that ‘sounded fantastic in the shop!’ This is in fact a trap that many bedroom and hobbyist producers fall into; they choose the set that has the biggest bass or the ‘phattest’ sound as opposed to a pair of speakers that sound as flat and unimaginative as possible.

The irony of this scenario is that the more expensive the studio monitors get, the less they do to make music sound awesome. But this is the actual point of investing in accurate studio speakers; to buy a set that does not lie to you.

This is where Monkey Banana set them selves apart from the masses; Not only are they remarkably well balanced studio monitors at an incredibly affordable price point, the story behind how the company formed and why these speakers came into being, suggests that they are aimed at the plethora of home studio owners who need decent, reliable feedback on their mixes, but do not or cannot afford to buy the bigger, better known brand names which cost thousands of dollars.

Monkey Banana was born out of Seasoned speaker designer and DJ/Producer Markus’ desire to create a superior product for a better price.

“Still today the aim is to produce affordable speakers. We’re always aiming to produce speakers that aim to be at least as good as two price levels above us."

“But we have always said we want to have a fair product for a fair price. I’m also happy when I go to the market and buy something, whatever it is, and the price quality ratio is fair.

“It’s a good feeling when the customer feels confident in your product and can trust that it is good value.”

Why the name Monkey Banana?

When interviewd by IDM Magazine Markus was askes where does the name Monkey Banana come from?

 “Let’s just say a heavy night,” he laughs.

“Lots of drinks.”

“And we had some stupid ideas on the table and we were selecting the most stupid ones to see if it was something we’d remember; in other words if the name was actually so silly that it was actually good. That’s why we took it.

“But to be honest it was hard at first. People did not take us too seriously, thinking that we were maybe a toy company. But I always say that there is a company out there which is one of the top companies in the world and their logo is a half eaten fruit. Nobody actually cares about the name. So why should I?”

More than just a name

"…why go for the normal shape if it’s possible to do it in another way which looks a bit different and fits our name so well.”

The thing about the Monkey Banana range of speakers is that it’s not just the name that is unconventional. Their colour schemes and cabinet shapes are also unique.

“The main purpose was first to focus on the sound.

“And when it comes to the shape we played around with different shapes and we got to the point, actually my carpenter got to the point, when he was trying different shapes and taking measurements and we could not identify any significant difference to the sound spectrum.

“So I said why go for the normal shape if it’s possible to do it in another way which looks a bit different and fits our name so well.

“The hexagonal shaped speakers do have some effect on the acoustic side otherwise we would not have selected it but it was more of a case of realising that there was no significant benefit to just using a traditional square shape.”

Aesthetically the Monkey Banana range is very appealing. But any serious producer should look beyond the groovy colours and funky shapes.

What makes the company so confident that their speakers are better than their competitors in the same price bracket?

“We still use Class A/B amplifiers and a normal crossover inside – not a big deal.

“A flat response of the speaker is always good because when you get out what you put in, this is what you want.

“Sometimes the curve shows you one thing but your ears are telling you something different and then it gets to the point where you cannot only trust the curve or your measurements.

 “One needs to understand how people judge sound. How they mix. What they prefer. So it’s a combination of measuring and also a listening experience, trials and errors. I can also say that we failed in the beginning and we worked on them for maybe two or three years. Then all of sudden we arrived at the point that they satisfied us. Then we went public with them. 

“Physically, components are a limitation; a 5 inch speaker cannot go as low as an 8 inch for example, because there are physical limitations. But we aim for the best results we can create with the components we are able to use without creating a speaker that costs ten times the price.

“When you do a mixdown and then play that mix on a club system, or in your car, it does not help discovering that there is no bass because the speaker was boosting the bottom end, for example. You want a speaker that sounds honest.”


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