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Choosing Your First Guitar

Anyone can learn to play guitar at practically any time and at any age. Choosing the best guitar to learn on is a completely personal decision.

Guitars can be seperated into 3 major categories.

  • Nylon String (Classical)
  • Steel String (Acoustic) 
  • Electric

We have made an easy to read guide to the differences between them with some the best picks for someone who is just starting out.


Classical Guitars

Nylon string guitars are the most common instrument for younger players as the strings are softer on the fingers. The sound of a nylon is mostly associated with classical or Latin music styles however you can play any style on any guitar. Nylon strings also come in a range of smaller sizes to accommodate a range students.

Ashton CG44


Yamaha C40


Katoh MCG20


The range of entry level Ashton classical guitars are a reliable and affordable option for students of all sizes and come in an array of colour options. Pack includes: Guitar, gig bag and lessons

From only $99

The Yamaha C40 is a great sounding entry level workhorse and is a staple in Primary and Secondary schools around the country. Pack includes full size classical guitar, tuner and instructional DVD

From only $169

The MCG20 classical from Katoh, boasts great tone, build quality and playability. This guitar is a definite keeper and will remain part of your collection for years to come.

From only $199


Acoustic Guitars

Steel string guitars have a more contemporary sound and are the most common style of acoustic (non amplified) guitar. Steel strings can be harder on fresh fingers, however steel string necks are thinner and with a low action are ideal for any learner.

Ashton D20 

Cort CAP810 

Yamaha F310P Pack

The D20 by Ashton has been designed in Australia and represents outstanding value. This dreadnought size steel string not only sounds, plays and looks great but also includes a hard case.

From only $199

The CAP810 Trailblazer pack by Cort is amazing value, easy to play and contains everything you need to start playing right away.
Pack includes guitar, tuner, gig bag, pitch pipe, spare strings, picks, strap and instructional DVD.

From only $219

The Yamaha F310P gigmaker pack is another excellent choice for the beginner. Yamaha is known for producing quality student instruments across their entire range and this dreadnought acoustic is certainly no exception. Includes tuner, gig bag, strap, Instructional DVD, picks, string winder, spare strings, pitch pipe and capo.

From only $219



Electric Guitars

Electric guitars involve the purchase of other equipment to get you started. If you are considering starting on an electric guitar, pre bundled amp and guitar packs are a good idea as they usually contain all the items needed to get you playing right away (guitar, amp, tuner, picks, bag, strap, etc.)




Fender Squier 10 Pack

 Squier PACK 10

Fender Squier 15 Pack


THE SX SE1SK34 is a ¾ size electric guitar pack including all the accessories necessary to plug and play right away. A quality set up at a very affordable price, custom ¾ size is ideal for the younger learner. Candy Apple Red and Black colour options. Also available in left hand.

From only $299

The Fender Squier series of guitars have long had a reputation for excellent beginners instruments and are recommended by teachers worldwide. The SS stands for short scale making it perfect for younger or smaller players. This package has everything to you playing right away and includes a 10-watt Frontman amplifier (with headphone output jack for silent practising), instrument cable, strap and guitar picks.

From only $349

For decades the Fender Squier has been the go to guitar for students and teachers worldwide. Versatile and reliable, this full-scale electric guitar shares the same specs as the iconic Stratocaster or Telecaster models, the choice is yours. This pack has everything you need to start making music including the famous Frontman 15G amplifier delivering sparkling Fender clean tones to blues overdrive and beyond.

From only $499


The best way to discover which one is right for you is to play all three styles of guitar

The most important thing is choosing an instrument that you will want to pick up and play everyday.

and of course the right accessories:

Capo - Play in any key using familiar guitar shapesCAPO

Tuner – Stay in tune easily and accurately on any string instrument with this chromatic tuner.TUNER

Stand – Keep your instrument safe and handy with a fit all guitar standSTAND

Picks – Stock up on plectrums/picks you can have never have enoughPICKS

Case – Nothing beats the protection and security of a hard caseCASE